Hands On Cheesemaking

Sunday, September 22nd at 12:00 noon

$65 per person

Please join us in the creamery as we guide you through the principles of cheesemaking.  In this two and a half hour class we will be making whole milk ricotta, fromage blanc, and an acid-coagulated cheese.  Each of these cheese styles can easily be made at home.  We will discuss methods, equipment, and even a little cheese science.  We limit this class to ten people so that there is room for everyone.  This is our most popular class and it will sell out, so don't miss your chance!  We include a creamery tour and a tasting of all of the River Whey Creamery cheeses. You may purchase our cheeses at the end of the class.1

Cheesemaker, Susan Rigg

Cheesemaker, Susan Rigg